Samsung 535l Side by Side Fridge-Freezer

Minimalist Design
Sophisticated and neat minimal design for an absolute contemporary stylish and clean look!

Enjoy enough space to store foods,like meats, frozen delights, fruits and vegetables for your whole family or party guest.

Fridge & Freezer Drawer
Big drawers in Freezer and Fridge permit You to easily take out foods and to even store large sized items. The separation into 2 drawers In fridge as well as freezer compartment help to separate different kinds of foods and especially avoid mixing of small items.

No-Frost Technology
– Stays in Right Condition. Doesn’t Stick Together- Making it Easier to Recognise. No Ice Build Up

Multi Flow
Cooling air flows out throught multiple outlets at every shelf level and maintains even and constant temperature.

Ultimate Usage
Feel the difference with technical features

Smooth Look without Hinge
Your kitchen looks more arranged and beautiful in smooth silhouette with Samsung side by side refrigerator. Neat square frontal view with covered hinges provide a seamless appearance and create a neat kitchen environment with a polished look.

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Additional information

Dimensions 73.4 × 91.2 × 178.9 cm

2y Guarantee



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